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April 17, 2015

After witnessing his parents’ battles with oral cancer, Matthew H.J. Kim, JD, founded Vigilant Biosciences-a company that is soon to launch a new system of products for oral cancer risk assessment. He now heads the company as CEO.

Vigilant Biosciences’ OncAlert system is comprised of a rapid point-of-care test and laboratory assay. The rapid point-of-care test is a qualitative, rinse-and-spit risk assessment that can be integrated into routine dental appointments. Within minutes, the test can indicate whether a patient is at elevated risk for oral cancer. If a patient is found to be at-risk by the point-of-care test, s/he can be referred to a specialist or oral surgeon who might administer the lab assay, which offers more quantitative results in terms of risk stratification.

Pending CE mark approval for the European Union and FDA approval for the United States, Kim anticipates that the system will be available in the United States during early 2016.

Source: DentistryIQ

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