Transforming Detection. Improving Lives.TM

Creating a world where oral cancer doesn’t stand a fighting chance.TM

Vigilant Biosciences is leading the charge in developing cutting-edge solutions that accelerate oral cancer detection. Our point-of-care solution is simple, accurate*, and cost-effective. We empower clinicians working to improve patient outcomes through earlier intervention.

The innovative BeVigilantTM OraFusion System employs patented technology that detects specific protein markers clinically shown to be associated with early-stage oral cancers. Learn more about our technology:

Standing together to transform the early detection of oral cancer.

Our Mission

To save lives by providing world-class early-detection solutions for cancer.

Our first early cancer detection product:

The BeVigilantTM OraFusion System aids clinicians with identifying patients at risk for oral cancer.

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With deep-seated clinical expertise and decades of leadership experience in healthcare diagnostics and the oncology space, the Vigilant Biosciences® leadership team is committed to transforming early oral cancer detection and improving patient outcomes.

Bill Brodie, Chief Executive Officer

Bill Brodie

Chief Executive Officer
Robert Hamilton, Chief Financial Officer

Robert Hamilton

Chief Financial Officer
Dragan Nebrigic, Chief Operating and Chief Technology Officer

Dragan Nebrigic

Chief Operating and Chief Technology Officer
Ben Beckham, Chief Commercial Officer

Ben Beckham

Chief Commercial Officer
Michael Donovan, Chief Medical Officer

Michael Donovan

Chief Medical Officer

*Clinical Data on File