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Lead the Charge in Advancing Oral Cancer Detection

Vigilant Biosciences® upholds a strong commitment to our distributing partners. We work side-by-side with dental distributors to deliver cutting-edge solutions to practices worldwide, providing our partners with the tools they need to enhance client relationships and win new business. As a distributor, this page is your central hub of resources and information throughout our partnership. For specific communication and distribution needs, please log into your distributor portal account below.

Benefits of a Vigilant Biosciences® Partnership

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Cutting-Edge Solutions

As an FDA designated breakthrough device, the BeVigilant™ OraFusion™ System represents our mission to stay at the forefront of oral cancer innovation. Partnering with Vigilant Biosciences® gives your business exclusive access to leading-edge solutions in the cancer detection space, positioning your brand as a top distributor of groundbreaking technology.

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Customer-Focused Innovation

The Vigilant Biosciences® team highly values our customer feedback. Our core mission is to innovate to meet customer demands and improve our offerings. Vigilant Biosciences® ensures that distributors maintain client satisfaction through prompt, effective communication addressing customer needs.

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Expanding Product Line

As our flagship product, the BeVigilant™ OraFusion™ System is just the first solution developed by our team of industry leaders in dentistry, oncology, and healthcare diagnostics. By staying on the cutting edge of early detection solutions for cancer and other diseases, Vigilant Biosciences® can help your business expand to new client bases and stand out with groundbreaking product offerings.

Secure Connection Through Our Distributor Portal

Vigilant Biosciences® utilizes a highly secure, password-protected portal as the primary touchpoint for both potential and approved distributors. Your account will have a unique username and password, ensuring secure and controlled access to all distribution information and logistics.

If you are a new distributor and need to request access to the portal, please email customerservice@vigilantbiosciences.com with your full name, company details, and contact information. Alternatively, you may use the form provided below to submit your request.

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