Vigilant Biosciences® is dedicated to helping create a world where cancer doesn’t stand a fighting chance.

Vigilant Biosciences is a leading innovator and developer of solutions that aid in the early detection and intervention of cancer. Our point-of-care and lab-based solutions are simple, accurate and cost-effective – empowering healthcare practitioners to improve potential outcomes through earlier intervention.

Vigilant Biosciences products are based on patented technology that detects specific protein markers clinically shown to be associated with early stage cancers, potentially even prior to visual or physical indicators. The Vigilant Biosciences product line currently includes the OncAlert™  Oral Cancer RAPID Test and OncAlert Oral Cancer LAB Test, both CE Marked and available in select markets outside the United States; and the OncAlert Labs OraMark™ Test, a laboratory-developed test available only through OncAlert Labs, a CLIA certified laboratory.

A message from our founder

Vigilant Biosciences was founded after I watched both my parents struggle to overcome battles with oral cancer. My dad, a 15-year Stage II survivor, eventually succumbed to the disease in 2015 from the long-term adverse side effects of therapeutic intervention. My mom, who does not fit a typical risk profile for oral cancer, is a 5+ year Stage IV survivor. Like so many people diagnosed with oral cancer, hers was not accurately found and appropriately addressed until it had progressed to a late stage.

Ultimately, my mom endured aggressive surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and then reconstruction and rehabilitation. While she is now cancer-free, she lives daily having to learn a new way of life, learning a new way to speak, to eat, and to interact socially – things most people take for granted everyday. Her struggle, in particular, fuels my passion to lead Vigilant Biosciences to do more and make a meaningful impact in the lives of so many who are at risk for cancer or living with the disease.

– Matthew H.J. Kim, J.D.